Are you looking for a one-stop solution that can help you to backup your data on your Android device and also manage all your information such as contacts, SMS, media files etc on your Mac device?


Fortunately, there is a tool that can do both the tasks for you. It is Wondershare MobileGo.

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The following are the features of this wonderful tool that makes is one of the most popular applications:

  • By taking backups on regular intervals, you need not worry about losing your mobile data. You cal also move your old data and make room for more media files.
  • Helps in restoration of backed up files to your Android device.
  • This tool helps you in pushing media files such as photos, music and videos with a single click. You can also import and export iTunes music from and to your Android phone effortlessly.
  • This tool helps you to send text messages for a group in one go. That way you need not re-type the messages to your recipients. It broadcasts the messages to everyone in the group from your computer.
  • You can keep only the important messages on your mobile by taking a backup of those messages and remove the remaining messages. You can have the selected threads as .txt file and save it on your computer.
  • You can install and uninstall all your apps freely by having all your favorite apps and uninstalling the unused ones using this software.
  • You can easily take back up of your apps from your Android device to your computer.

Top Features of Wondershare MobileGo

The following are the features of the software and procedure on how to use them:

Backup and Restore Data

Step 1: First, connect the Android device to your computer using USB cable. To backup data, click on the green backup button and you will get a window with all the backup data. Select the data that you want the backup for from the list of text messages, Apps, contacts etc and then click on OK to start the backup process. It will be over in few minutes.

Step 2: To restore data, click on the blue Restore button and in the window, select the files and folders that you want to be restored. Then to complete the process, click on “Restore”. This will restore the required files.

Process Media Files

Step 1: Once you have connected your Android device, click on “Music” from the left column and then click on “Add” to import media files from your computer. You can also choose “Import iTunes playlist” to add media files from the iTunes library.

Step 2: To export media files, select the songs that you want to be exported and then click on “Export” to store them on your computer. Using this feature, you can even create a new playlist, add, delete and search music, play music and set ringtones.

Process Photos

Step 1: To import and export photos in your Android device, launch the app and open the photos management window. To add photos, click on Add and select the list of photos that you want to be imported. Then click OK for the import to complete.

Step 2: To export photos from your Android device, click on Export option and choose a folder to save the photos. You can also create, delete, add and rename photo albums and sort them as you like.

Send Text Message Using Mac

Step 1: To send a new message, in the main window of the app, click on SMS and in the window, click on “New” option to send a message from your computer.

Step 2: To save messages in your Mac, click on “Save As” and choose a folder for the text messages to be saved. You can also make use of the features namely forward, search and delete on your Mac.

Manage Contacts

Step 1: Open the app and on the left side, click on Contacts and then click on import. This will allow you to import contacts from vCard files and also from Address book.

Step 2: To export contacts, click on “Export” and choose to export it to the Address book or to save as vCard file. You can add and edit existing contact information such as phone number, photo, email etc by selecting “Add” or “Edit” option from the menu. You can also manage your group in the same way.

Manage Videos

Step 1: Want Choose Go to the Video management window and add or remove the videos that you want to be played on your Android device. Make sure that the video format is supported by your Android device such as MP4 or 3GP.

Step 2: It also has a built-in player where you can preview the videos and choose to add them to the playlist or not.

Install And Uninstall Apps

Step 1: To install a new application, click on the “Install” option and select APK files to install the app on your phone storage or your SD card as per your need.

Step 2: To uninstall an app, just click on the icon and in the pop-up window, select “Yes” to remove it from your Android device.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

Using this powerful software, you can easily manage your media files, messages, contacts and other data on your Android device as well as on your Mac! So this is a must have tool for all Android users. Check out the trial version of this software before you actually purchase it.